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Family Constellation – Familienstellen


What is constellation all about?
Constellation is a phenomenological and systemic approach created by Bert Hellinger. It deals easily with issues that seem difficult and unsolvable and heals what other therapies cannot heal because it reveals the dysfunctional dynamics that cause blockages in several areas of life. From the understanding and resolution of what was hidden it becomes possible to take new directions and solve problems such as diseases, unexplained fears, blocked or stagnant life, worries, relationships & business issues, etc. It’s done only once, so it’s the fastest and most economical therapy.

How does the constellation treat all this?
When it is done correctly, the constellation reveals the hidden causes of problems and this is what makes healing possible. That’s why the constellation easily deals with problems that seem insoluble and solves what other therapies can’t.

Does the constellation always work?
No. The constellation only works for those who want to solve something in their life. That’s why it doesn’t work for urgent matters: only for important matters. Those who want to do a constellation urgently put themselves in a state of victimism. In that state it is impossible to see the truth and without the truth it is impossible to see solutions. The constellation also doesn’t work when the person doesn’t follow the rules of how to act after their constellation.

What stands out about you as a constellator?
I work with Familienstellen – Bert Hellinger’s original constellation. I have over 20 certifications and have participated in hundreds of Familienstellen groups with Marilise Einsfeldt, who is one of the only teachers at the Hellinger School in Brazil. She is my mother, so I have the privilege of having this training of more than 10 years taking courses and following the true constellation closely. This is a unique background that I can offer my clients.

How is the process of a constellation?
It lasts about 45 minutes. It can be in person or online by video on WhatsApp, by cell phone or computer.

Is it expensive to constellate?
Constellation is the fastest and most cost-effective therapy and is accessible to everyone. What costs dearly is living a life full of problems.

I have several issues to resolve, how do I know which one to address first in constellations?
Many issues in different areas of life can be interconnected, although they don’t seem like it. Their cause is the same. So when the cause is treated, several problems can be solved at the same time. That’s why the constellation is the fastest and most economical therapy. Address first the issue that is most important to you at the moment and notice the unfolding of the constellation in other areas of life. 

Does the constellation really work for those who don’t believe in it?
Yes, because the laws of physics and biology act without depending on belief or knowledge. For example: those who don’t know the law of gravity don’t live floating, and they won’t float if they declare that they don’t believe in it.

Is constellation connected to any religion?
No. A religion is based on subjective dogmas and the constellation is based on the morphic field that is objective and scientifically proven.

Many “constellators” make constellations in different ways. How to know what is correct?
A lot of people do a lot of things giving them the name of a constellation – but these things are not real constellations. If the “constellator” does a previous interview/conversation or uses devices such as a pendulum, astral map, cards with systemic phrases, regression, etc. this shows that they don’t know how to constellate. If they say it is possible for the client to constellate for others or allows family members to watch the constellation, then what is offered is not a constellation. It is also a mistake to say that it is necessary to do constellation sessions or a constellation for each area of life.

What does a person need to know about constellations to be constellated?
Nothing. The constellator needs to know – hence the importance of choosing a good constellator that works with the true constellation. The client doesn’t need knowledge about constellations to be constellated any more than they need knowledge about medicine to be operated by a doctor or about mechanics to have his car fixed by a mechanic. The truth is that to be constellated all you need is the desire to improve your life.

You can see a lot of in-depth information about the true constellation on the videos in my website. Just set the subtitles to automatic translation in English.

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